Facilities at Rocky Bottom

Swimming pool

Facilities at Rocky Bottom

At Rocky Bottom, there are rental facilities to enhance your enjoyment of this beautiful mountain retreat. All facilities are wheelchair accessible and come furnished for your convenience. You can experience cabin living, swim in the pool, relax by a mountain stream, hold business meetings in our conference center, and utilize the chapel for more spiritual programs. Detailed information about each building is below.

Facility Rooms Reservation Fee Nightly Rental Rate
Conference Center 3 rooms $25.00 $85.00
Ellenberg Lodge 10 rooms $25.00 $85.00
Oglesby Cottage 2 rooms $50.00 $150.00
Osterneck Cottage 6 rooms $50.00 $25.00 Per room,
Minimum of $100.00 per night
Lawton Chapel 120 Stadium Seating $100.00 per day

*Reservation Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

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