Ellenberg Lodge

Ellenburg Lodge Front Door View

Ellenberg Lodge

On the side of a mountain, within the grounds of Rocky Bottom, lies a humble, mountain lodge. Named for a long-time friend of Rocky Bottom, Ralph M Ellenburg Senior, the lodge overlooks the campgrounds. With its rustic look, many balconies and convenient parking, There are 10 rooms, 4 upstairs and 6 downstairs, a kitchen and a central gathering space. Each room has its own bathroom and access to the outdoors via a porch or balcony.

Sleeping occupancy: 40

Number of rooms: 10

Bed style: 2 Full Size beds per room.

*Reservation Fee: $25 per room

Rental Rate: $85 per room per night.

*Reservation Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

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