Brevard NC

lake facing camp

Just across the South Carolina/North Carolina line is the little community of Brevard. Although the town is small, you can experience the small town feeling while viewing historical arts as well as inviting attractions to include hiking trails, 3 bicycling events and 6 festibles anually, musical events and fabulus water falls.

The area where Brevard exists today was settled by Scot/Irish immigrants in the early 1800's. They were overwhelmed by the beauty of The French Broad, a flow river weaving its way through Brevard. The people who settled there were farmers, artest and craftsman.

In 1861, the county housing Brevard, Transylvania, was created just after the Civil War began. Brevard was named after a notable man, Ephriam Brevard, a Surgeon in the North Carolina Continental Line during the American Revolution.

In 1899, the railway reached Brevard, carying lumber and people to different points to promote the woodland industry of the area. However, despite the railway, Brevard didn't get its first industrial mill until after World War I.

Today, that down home feeling is around every courner and in each place of business. On main street, you can see Brevard College, Rockys Grill and Soda Shop and O P Taylor's toy store. The camp director can tell you how to get there.

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