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Pickens County has a rich history. From as far back as we can tell, Pickens was known to be Cherokee teritory. During the Revolutionary War, the Cherokee chose to side with the British and were defeated. In 1791, the area was established as Washington District; more than likely named for General Washington, president at the time. For several years, the area experienced population decline. In 1828, upper Pickens, named for Brigadier General Andrew Pickens, was formed.

Over the years, Upper Pickens grew. In the 1860's it was home to approximately 19000 persons, 22% of whom were slaves. The major businesses in Upper Pickens consisted of varrious mills to include grits mills, saw mills and several other shops that supported the local community. Upper Pickens was connected with other communities around the nation via the Blue Ridge railway in September of 1860. During the Civil war, upper Pickens saw little action from the War but experienced rades from marauders and deserters from the conflict; they came down from the surrounding mountains mostly.

In 1868, The South Carolina Constitutional Convention met an officially established Pickens County as part of the newly established United States of America. It experienced moderate growth until, in 1895, the textile industry reached Pickens County. It remained rural until the 1940's at which time the town really grew.

Many of the festibals, theaters and other artistic features can be enjoyed to this day. There is a great history there and it is waiting for you to come and enjoy.

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