Table Rock

lake facing camp

In these 3083 acres are one of the most amazing conglumerations of geological land formations seen in South Carolina. Near Rocky Bottom, Table Rock boasts walking trails, Mountainous creeks, multiple clear, cool lakes and various shelters for you and your family to spend the day and experience the way things used to be.

Established as a part of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's "New Deal", the parkitecture, park architecture, was preserved to shadow a look of the past in a world of today. The development and construction of Table Rock’s buildings, lakes, fish hatcheries, trail systems, and roads are integral examples of form and functionality: of CCC's, Civilian Conservation Corps, projects and how they sought to best preserve and experience America’s best natural and historic resources.

While there, look for Cherokee Indian relics, soak in the atmosphere of older days and possibally find treasure from years ago. The State Park is located in Picken's County, 158 East Ellison Lane, Pickens SC and is a memory you do not want to miss.

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